Peer-Reviewed Publications

 In Preparation:

  • Schaeffer, A.J., S. Lebedev and C. Gaina. The Arctic: structure of the lithosphere and asthenosphere imaged using multimode waveform tomography. (Invited contribution, in preparation for Tectonophysics).
  • Schaeffer, A.J. and P. Audet. Distribution of ultramafic magmatism in North America controlled by lithospheric mantle architecture, (in preparation, Geology).
  • Schaeffer, A.J., P. Audet, D. Mallyon*, Y. Chen*, C. Currie and Y.J. Gu. Transient stability: variations in the western Canadian Cordillera-craton boundary, (in preparation, Earth and Planetary Science Letters).
  • Lebedev, S., E. Burov, J. Fullea, N. Celli*, M. Ravenna*, A.J. Schaeffer, M.R. Agius and R.D. van der Hilst. Origin of the Hangai Dome uplift and volcanism: Lithospheric thinning triggered by a mantle upwelling? Evidence from waveform tomography, broadband surface-wave dispersion, and geodynamic and petrological modelling (in preparation, Tectonophysics).

In Revision:

  • Chen, Y.*, Y.J. Gu, C.A. Currie, S.T. Johnston, S.-H. Hung, A.J. Schaeffer, and P. Audet. Seismic evidence for a mantle suture and collisional origin for the Canadian Cordillera.
  • Esteve, C.*, A.J. Schaeffer, and P. Audet. Upper mantle structure underlying the diamondiferous Slave craton from teleseismic body-wave tomography. In Revision, Tectonophysics.


  • Steinberger, B., E. Bredow, S. Lebedev, A.J. Schaeffer, and T.H. Torsvik. Widespread Cenozoic volcanism in the North Atlantic-Greenland region explained by the Iceland plume. Nature Geoscience, doi: 10.1038/s41561-018-0251-0. [Link] [PDF]
  • Snyder, D. B., E. Schetselaar, M. Pilkington, and A.J. Schaeffer. Resolution and uncertainty in lithospheric 3-D geological models. Mineralogy and Petrology, [Link] [PDF]
  • Milne, G., K. Latychev, A.J. Schaeffer, J.W. Crowley, B.S. Lecavalier, and A. Audette. The influence of lateral Earth structure on glacial isostatic adjustment in Greenland. Geophysical Journal International, 214, pg 1252-1266. [Link] [PDF]
  • Golos, E.M., H. Fang, H. Yao, H. Zhang, S. Burdick, F. Vernon, A.J. Schaeffer, S. Lebedev, and R.D. van der Hilst. Shear-wave tomography beneath the United States using a joint inversion of surface and body waves. Journal of Geophysical Research, 123, pg 1-21. [Link] [PDF]
  • Audet, P. and A.J. Schaeffer. Fluid pressure and shear zone development over the locked to slow slip region in Cascadia. Science Advances, 4, doi:10.1126/sciadv.aar2982. [Link] [PDF]
  • McLellan, M.E.* , A.J. Schaeffer, and P. Audet. Structure and fabric of the crust and uppermost mantle in the northern Canadian Cordillera from Rayleigh-wave tomography. Tectonphysics, 724-725, pg 28-41. [Link] [PDF]


  • Lebedev, S., A.J. Schaeffer, J. Fullea and V. Pease. Seismic and thermal structure of the Arctic Lithosphere. Geological Society of London Circum Arctic Lithosphere Experiment (CALE) Special Publication. pg 1-22. [PDF]
  • Schiffer, C., C. Tegner, A.J. Schaeffer, S.B. Nielsen and V. Pease, The geopotential stress field in the High Arctic and its implications on the geodynamic evolution. Geological Society of London Circum Arctic Lithosphere Experiment (CALE) Special Publication. pg 1-25. [PDF]


  • Schaeffer, A.J., S. Lebedev and T.W. Becker. Azimuthal seismic anisotropy in the Earth’s upper mantle and the thickness of tectonic plates. Geophysical Journal International. 207 (2), pg 901-933. [Link] [PDF] [Supplementary Material] [Models]
  • Audet, P., C. Sole and A.J. Schaeffer. Control of lithospheric inheritance on neotectonic activity in northwestern Canada? Geology. [Link] [PDF]


  • A. J. Schaeffer and S. Lebedev. Global heterogeneity of the lithosphere and underlying mantle: A seismological appraisal based on multimode surface-wave dispersion analysis, shear-velocity tomography, and tectonic regionalization. in A. Khan and F. Deschamps (eds.), The Earth’s Heterogeneous Mantle, Springer Geophysics, pg 3-46. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-15627-9_1 [PDF (15Mb)]
  • Becker, T.W., A.J. Schaeffer, S. Lebedev, and C.P. Conrad. Toward a generalized plate motion reference frame. Geophysical Research Letters, 42, pg 1-9, doi:10.1002/2015GL063695. [Link] [PDF]


  • A. J. Schaeffer and S. Lebedev. Imaging the North American continent using waveform inversion of global and USArray Data. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 402, pg 26-41, 2014. doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2014.05.014 [Link] [PDF] [SL2013NA Model]
  • T. W. Becker, C.P. Conrad, A.J. Schaeffer, and S. Lebedev. Origin of azimuthal seismic anisotropy in oceanic plates and mantle. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 401, pg 236-250, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2014.06.014, 2014. [Link][PDF]
  • Licciardi, A., N. Piana Agostinetti, S. Lebedev, A.J. Schaeffer, P. Readman, and C. Horan. Moho depth and Vp/Vs in Ireland from teleseismic receiver function analysis. Geophysical Journal International199, pg 561-579, 2014. [Link] [PDF]


  • A. J. Schaeffer and S. Lebedev. Global shear speed structure of the upper mantle and transition zone. Geophysical Journal International, 194, pg 417-449, 2013. doi:10.1093/gji/ggt095 [Link] [PDF] [SL2013sv Model]


  • A.J. Schaeffer and M.G. Bostock. A low-velocity zone atop the transition zone in northwestern Canada. Journal of Geophysical Research, 115, pg 1-22, 2010.  doi:10.1029/2009JB006856, 2010. [Link] [PDF]


  • P.S. Lipovsky, S.G. Evans, J.J. Clague, C. Hopkinson, R. Couture, P. Babrowsky, G. Ekstrom, M.N. Demuth, K. Delaney, N. Roberts, G.K.C. Clarke, and A.J. Schaeffer. The July 2007 rock and ice avalanches of Mount Steele, St. Elias Mountains, Yukon, Canada. LANDSLIDES, 5, pg 445-455, 2008. [Link] [PDF]


  • Kerton, C.R., L.B.G. Knee, and A.J. Schaeffer. Intermediate-Velocity Gas in the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey. The Astronomical Journal, 131, pg 1501-1514, 2006. [Link] [PDF]

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