SL2013sv – Tectonic Regionalization

A tectonic regionalization of the global, vertically polarized shear velocity model SL2013sv.

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Tectonic Regionalization
We perform a regionalization of the SL2013sv model following the procedure outlined by Lekic & Romanowicz (2011), using a k-means clustering analysis as a means to identify 6 centroid or type profiles that best represent a global suite of 1D shear-velocity profiles sampled every 2 degrees.

The advantage of the clustering regime is that it assumes no apriori information on Earth structure, yet the identified type profiles clearly break down into tectonic sub domains.


When using the regionalization, please cite the following article:

A. J. Schaeffer and S. Lebedev. Global heterogeneity of the lithosphere and underlying mantle: A seismological appraisal based on multimode surface-wave dispersion analysis, shear-velocity tomography, and tectonic regionalization. in A. Khan and F. Deschamps (eds.), The Earth’s Heterogeneous Mantle, Springer Geophysics, pg 3-46. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-15627-9_1