Moving and a New Job!

I would like to officially announce, that as of yesterday, I have officially started my new job as a Research Scientist – Earthquake Seismologist with Natural Resources Canada, working for the Pacific Division of the Geological Survey of Canada in Sidney BC.

I’m looking forward to many years ahead of interesting new research projects and new colleagues!

Two new papers published!

Two new papers out and available in the last month:

New paper in Geophysical Journal International by Milne et. al. examining effects of lateral Earth structure (seismic velocities translated into mantle viscosity variations) on the predicted glacial isostatic adjustment of Greenland. Find the article online at Geophysical Journal International or a direct link to the PDF.

New paper in Journal of Geophysical Research by Golos et. al. presenting a new shear velocity model of the continental United States computed using a joint inversion of body wave and surface wave data dominantly recorded using the USArray, but including numerous other national, permanent, and temporary networks. Find the article online at Journal of Geophysical Research or a direct link to the PDF.

New Papers Published!!

Two new papers out in recent months:

New paper in Science Advances by Audet and Schaeffer examining the nature of the along-dip transition from seismogenic zone to stable sliding region in the Cascadia Subduction zone combining offshore Cascadia Initiative OBS with onshore CAFE stations. Find the article online at Science Advances or a direct link to the PDF.

New paper in Tectonophysics presenting the M.Sc. Thesis work of UOttawa student Morgan McLellan  exploring the structure and dynamics of the Northern Canadian Cordillera using surface wave phase-velocity measurements.  Find the article online at Tectonophysics or a direct link to the PDF.